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Please support the Veterans High School marching band!

Old Uniforms

The Veterans High School Warhawk Squadron is the pride of our Middle Georgia community and can be found entertaining crowds at football games, parades and local events. Indeed, the band is the ambassador for our school and the young musicians inspire spirit and enhance our community’s image.


Our school system has a reputation of generating some of the best marching bands in the state.   The most visual aspect of any successful band program is the uniform. It can have an impact on competition scores, but more important, the uniform instills a sense of pride amongst everyone affiliated with the program.  Our mission is “To be the standard all bands aspire to be,” and this is where we need your help.


Our band students have been wearing the same uniform since the school opened.  The current uniforms are showing their age with frayed fabric, broken zippers, ripped seams and missing buttons.  After almost a decade of faithful service, it is time to retire the old band uniforms and debut new ones.


To accomplish this goal, we need to raise a total of $58,440.04. We are well aware that this is a lot of money, but the good news is that we have already raised $46,296.44. We are off to a great start, but want to continue the momentum. The band program is totally supported by fundraising through the booster organization, thanks to our band students, parents and supporters like you. A donation of any amount is sincerely appreciated!


Please support our sponsors and thank them for sponsoring us! 

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This week: 5/6 - 5/11


Tuesday - Spring Concert 1 , 6:30pm

Friday - Spring Concert 2, 6:30pm

Saturday - 3rd Period WE Six Flags Trip

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