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Concert Ensembles

Veterans boasts a wide variety of performing groups that students can be a part of. Our prestigious enesembles consists of three different concert bands. Filled with passion, wisdom, and integrity, each one has its own unique style. Each ensemble has earned superior ratings with their memorable performances.

Wind Ensemble

The premier performance group at Veterans High School, the Wind Ensemble is the most advanced wind band at the school and regularly performs high level concert music. The group consists of the highest achieving band members on their instrument. Students in this ensemble are encouraged to take private lessons (see list of instructors, here). This group has received nothing but straight superior ratings and at the 2018 LGPE performance consisted of "LOL (Laugh Out Loud" March by Robert Buckley, "One Life Beautiful" by Julie Giroux and "Light Cavalry Overture" by Franz von Suppé arranged by Henry Fillmore.

Wind Symphony

The Veterans ​Wind Symphony has received nothing but superior ratings since the schools inception.  Students are challenged by playing a wide variety of music from grades four through six.  The student make-up is primarily sophomores and juniors as well as advanced freshman. The 2018 LGPE performance consisted of "Basses on a Rampage" by G. H. Huffine/arr. Andrew Glover, "Shenandoah" by Frank Ticheli and "Havendance" by David R. Holsinger.  Students in this group are expected to advance to the Wind Ensemble by their senior year. 

Concert Band

The Veterans High School Concert Band consist of primarily freshman students as well as upperclassmen that choose to double on a different instrument.  This group is a combination of the fourth period freshman woodwind and percussion and fifth period brass classes.  Grade three and four level music is performed at all their concerts.  Students focus on fundamentals throughout the year and are expected to advance into either Wind Symphony or Wind Ensemble at the completion of their first year.   

Small Ensembles

Jazz Band

Jazz band meets regularly in the spring following LGPE.  The ensemble performs a wide variety of jazz genres including rock, funk, blues to name a few.  A concert is given at the conclusion of the spring semester. 

Percussion Ensemble

Comprising of all the percussionist from Veterans High School, the Percussion Ensemble affords an opportunity for percussionist to challenge themselves with more advanced literature than what they normally perform in their wind band classes.  Students at Veterans are expected to be proficient on all percussion instruments such as mallets, snare, timpani, etc. There are no "drummers" at VHS, only percussionists. 

Freedom Flutes

The Freedom Flute Choir has enjoyed many performance opportunities in the Houston County Community.  Lead by Dr. Laura Hancock, students in grades nine through twelve performs medium to advanced literature.  The Freedom Flutes rehearse during "sectional" days during the school year with a few occasional after school practices. 


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