Color Guard

The color guard at Veterans High Schools is a part of the marching band and instrumental music department. At Veterans, students are fortunate to have a color guard class that is available during the school day during 7th period.  During football season, the color guard is an integral part of the marching design, color palette, and musical interpretation of the show.  

By using s flags, sabres, rifles and props to communicate the intent of the music, as well as a mix of ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary modern dance, the color guard interprets the music into a stunning visual element.

The Veterans Color Guard performs during football games at halftime and at competitions. During competitions, the guard adds to the overall score of the band; however, judges also evaluate the guard as an individual unit and assign a stand alone score.

The Veterans Color Guard consists of high school students who benefit from some of the best color guard instructors in our area. Top-quality instruction is critical to the success of the color guard and allows success and contributes to the rich tradition of excellence, which makes the Warhawk Squadron so successful.

Winter Guard

The 2019 Season marks the inaugural year for the Veterans Winter Guard. We compete in the Southern Association for Performing Arts, SAPA, in Scholastic Regional A. Winter Guard auditions are in November and is open tall students, not just color guard members. Recently, during the Lakeview-Ft. Oglethorpe Premiere, our Winter Guard placed 1st in Scholastic Regional A. Please email the instructors with any quesitons or concerns! 


2019 Costumes! 


Email of of the guard instructors!

Hannah Banbury        Sarah Stuart

There are two primary ways we communicate:


1. Request to be a member of the 

Veterans Color Guard 2019-2020 Facebook Group.

2.  Sign up for the Remind Text Messaging App.  See instruction below:


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Virtual Sectionals

In an effort for each section to meet each other and get information regarding marching band, we will have virtual sectionals that will last from 30 - 45 min each.  While we do not intend to play, students should bring their instruments (if they have it) so we can teach the basics of how to hold it.  (Still plan on attending if you don’t have an instrument).  Dates are as follows:

Flute - Wed.  July 22nd at 12:00pm

Clarinet -  Wed. July 22nd at 1:00pm

Alto Sax & Low Reeds -  Wed. July 22nd at 2:00pm

Mellophone -  Wed. July 22nd at 3:00pm

Guard -  Wed.  July 22nd at 4:00pm


Trumpet - Thurs. July 23rd at 12:00pm

Trombone - Thurs.  July 23rd at 1:00pm

Tuba & Euphonium -Thurs.  July 23rd at 2:00pm

Percussion - Thurs.  July 23rd at 3:00pm

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